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Community Marketing Agent
Part-Time Seattle, WA

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Travel & Hospitality Jobs

Welcome potential clients to attend a sales preview for the company’s resorts, and maintain production. Part-time, entry-level role. Must have a high school diploma or equivalent, an outgoing personality, and be able to overcome objections.

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Welcome to the Travel & Hospitality remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible jobs page! This growing industry includes designing and supporting consumer entertainment and comfort while they visit new places and experience new cultures. If you have a love of travel or tourism and enjoy helping people, then you may enjoy a career as a remote travel agent, travel support specialist or hospitality manager. Travel and Hospitality careers often involve working with international clients who require translation services so being bilingual is often helpful. Travel and Tourism careers are also valued in the corporate world as a great deal of business is conducted internationally now. Be sure to check out the online options in travel and hospitality right here at FlexJobs.