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Data Entry Clerk
Temporary Job Schaumburg, IL

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Data Entry Jobs

Temporary job. Pays $17 an hour. Needs data entry experience or related office experience. Prepare source data for computer entry, sort information, transcribe and record notes during market research interviews and verify entered data by reviewing data.

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Data Entry Jobs – Remote, Part-Time & Freelance

Welcome to the Data Entry remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible jobs page! Data Entry professionals play an important role in organizations by ensuring the smooth and efficient processing of large amounts of information and data. Most Data Entry jobs include entering data into a computer system or into some type of a secure file system and may include other types of clerical activities. It is a general requirement that Data Entry workers be able to read and type. Data Entry jobs are very telecommuting friendly as they can be done remotely from a home computer. Data Entry jobs may also be called Information Manager, Word Processor, Typist, Clerk, Keypunch Technician, Transcriptionist, Record Coder, Captioner and Database Technician. Please be sure to check out many of the contract, flexible, freelance, part-time and full-time opportunities for Data Entry telecommuting jobs here.