Global Application and Market Development Specialist Microbiology
Full-Time, Partial Remote Job Belgium, France, Germany

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International Jobs

Partial remote job with 50-75% travel for candidate who will provide primary and secondary support for customers in the microbiology field and align complex product solutions and services with key customer needs. 5-10 years’scientific technology exp. req.

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International Jobs – Remote, Part-Time & Freelance

Welcome to the International remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible jobs page! International careers, often referred to as “Global” occupations, involve working with customers that may be located anywhere in the world. International work may involve providing support services to a company that has operations in several countries, therefore a tolerance for diversity is needed to be comfortable in this type of work environment. Having the ability to speak or understand other languages is a plus in an International job. International jobs may also involve working as a translator or within the travel and hospitality industry, so being bilingual is a plus. Some common job titles may include account representative, community development manager, business development specialist, e-commerce manager, corporate translator, and account executive. Please review the job listings here for part-time, contract and full-time opportunities.